About Mercedes-Benz Certified

About Mercedes Benz Certified program

Mercedes-Benz Certified

For many across the world, Mercedes-Benz represents the ultimate dream machines. Now, Mercedes-Benz gives you the opportunity to live your dream, with Mercedes-Benz Certified pre-owned cars.

This one-of-a-kind program offers you the opportunity to acquire a pre-owned Mercedes-Benz at an irresistible price. From the boardroom to the soccer field and the airport to the opera house, your Mercedes-Benz Certified pre-owned vehicle navigates your daily schedule with the ease and style that comes from more than a century’s excellence in design, performance and safety.

Known for innovation, quality and superior engineering, your Mercedes-Benz Certified pre-owned vehicle delivers confidence and security through every change in your schedule.

You’ve made a commitment to being your best. We’ve made a commitment to producing the best or nothing. It’s a commitment that’s been with us since the beginning, and one we hold on to every day.