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Mercedes Benz Genuine Parts
Mercedes-Benz quality in your vehicle

Use Mercedes Benz Genuine Parts to your advantage. It's worth it every one of our genuine parts offers you certified quality that guarantees reliability. After all, we have already built your Mercedes. And we also use all our experience to manufacture Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Optimally adapted to your car precision and longevity

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Updated technical information and system and qualified staff in Parts ensure that all your queries are answered.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are continually adapted to the latest vehicle technology and are put through the strictest tests.

The complete range of genuine parts along with our sophisticated logistics quarantee that everything will be available to you as quickly as possible.

Exceptional quality, a long service life and a reasonable price coming from a single source, which makes them particularly cost effective.

Mercedes-Benz genuine interior filters protection

Fresh air at last: using an extremely fine-pored nanofibre layer, Mercedes-Benz genuine interior filters protection reliable protection of your health from pollen and fine particles. This is particularly important for those with allergies and children.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filters

That means your engine lasts longer.
With clean oil your engine runs like a well oiled machine: Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filters have a large filtration capacity for ensuring that impurities are reliably filtered out of the oil circuit.

Mercedes-Benz genuine air filters

Optimum engine output with low consumption.
Clean air allows your engine to work particularly effectively and economically: Mercedes-Benz genuine air filters combine filter performance with high air permeability which means dirt and dust have no chance of reaching the combustion chamber.

Mercedes-Benz genuine brake linings

Safety thanks to a short braking distance.
When danger arises it's essential to come to a stop quickly: Mercedes-Benz genuine brake linings are optimally suited to the brake discs and safety systems in your vehicle such as ABS or ESP.

Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs

A metre or two can make all the difference.
In an emergency every metre counts before you come to a standstill: Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs have been specially designed for your vehicle. This ensures strong braking power and a short braking distance – without a long engagement phase and even with an extreme load.

Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries

Start up every single time.
Mercedes-Benz genuine batteries offer optimum cold start characteristics. That means you can count on reliable performance – as well as on a long service life.

Mercedes-Benz genuine headlamps

Better visibility with better light output.
If your visibility is restricted in the dark you may only catch sight of danger later rather than sooner: Mercedes-Benz genuine headlamps ensure that you have everything optimally in sight at all times.

Mercedes-Benz genuine body parts

So your Mercedes remains a true Mercedes, even after an accident.
Make an accident an experience you can quickly forget: Mercedes-Benz genuine body parts are appealing for their optimum dimensions and short installation time.

Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers

Clarity at all times.
Bad visibility can quickly become dangerous: that's why you should place your trust in the high wipe quality of Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreen wipers. With an optimum mix of rubber and robust materials they provide complete clarity in any weather.

Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreens

Optimum conditions for assistance systems.
In addition to top-level quality and safety, Mercedes-Benz genuine windscreens guarantee optimum functionality of the numerous Mercedes-Benz assistance systems provided calibration is adequately performed by skilled personnel.

Mercedes-Benz genuine suspension components

Safety as standard ex-factory.
You should leave nothing to chance and instead play it safe when it comes to your suspension: Mercedes-Benz genuine suspension components are manufactured to the same exacting quality standards as the series production components of your Mercedes – they are even manufactured using the same production facilities.

Mercedes-Benz genuine shock absorbers

Safe ride comfort even on poor roads.
Enjoy the comfort and safety at the highest level even on poor roads: Mercedes-Benz genuine shock absorbers are made from strong and high-quality material, and can handle and absorb even hard blows – kilometre after kilometre.