Service Products

Service Products

The best or nothing. This statement conveys how Mercedes-Benz aspires to develop and build highly desirable, top-class vehicles. The same passion, pledge and commitment apply to the Mercedes-Benz Service too. The bouquet of world-class After-Sales products will not only attend to every need of your Star but will also redefine the concept of ownership experience with a focus on providing end-to-end customer delight. After all, your Star deserves nothing less than a star treatment.

The service bouquet includes:
STAR Ease maintenance packages is a service with a defined maintenance cost and comes with a range of exclusive features. On-Road Assistance

provides round-the-clock support across the country. STAR CARE Plus provides an extended warranty for less than 1% of the cost of the Star.

Digital Service Drive is a hassle-free service based on a digital platform and provides freedom to get your car serviced at the click of a button.

Premier Express is another innovative service that ensures your Star is taken care of without any delays, in a minimum time.

With such customer-friendly services, it’s not surprising that J.D. Power’s Customer Index ranked Mercedes-Benz as the No.1 among luxury brand in terms of customer satisfaction in India, and that too for two years in a row. What’s more, thanks to ‘One Call, All Answers’ any service related information is now just a call away on 1800 102 9222. Now don’t just enjoy luxury, experience complete peace of mind too. 


Compact Maintenance Package

Included: Replacement of Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter, Air Cleaner Element, AC Filter, Fuel Filter, Radiator Coolant, Brake Fluid, Transmission Oil & Transmission Oil Filter as per schedule. Topping up of Windshield Washer Fluid, as per requirement. Short Test (STAR Diagnosis), Interior & Exterior Cleaning (Vacuuming), Tyre Rotation, Visual Inspection.

Compact Package : Tenure: 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 10 years

Excluded: Tyres, Replacement of Brake Pads, Brake discs, Brake Wear Sensor, Wiper Blades, Spark Plugs, V-Belt, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, Accidental Repairs

Compact Plus Maintenance Package

Included: Replacement of Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter, Air Cleaner Element, AC Filter, Fuel Filter, Radiator Coolant, Brake Fluid, Transmission Oil & Transmission Oil Filter as per schedule, Topping up of Windshield Washer Fluid, as per requirement. Short Test (STAR Diagnosis), Interior & Exterior Cleaning (Vacuuming), Tyre Rotation, Visual Inspection, Replacement of Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Brake Wear Sensor, Wiper Blades if required, Wheel Alignment, Wheel balancing.

Compact Plus Package: Tenure/Mileage: 3 years/30K kms, 3 years/60K kms, 4 years/40K kms, 4 years/80K kms, 5 years/100K kms, 10 years/200K kms.

Excluded: Tyres, Spark Plugs, V-Belt, Accidental Repairs.


Peace of mind motoring round-the-clock.

Roads are an unpredictable place and the road-side incidents can leave you stranded and in dire need of help. But with Mobilo, you will always stay on the move.

Mobilo comes with Mobilo Plus and Mobilo Lite, our customer-centric service initiatives designed to enhance your overall ownership experience.

Our Mobilo Lite services at a glance.

  • 24 hours On-Road Assistance service provided by Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers.
  • Applicable post completion of 3 years of ownership.
  • Available on a complimentary basis for a period of one year on completion of periodic service by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership.
  • Assistance within a range of 50 km from the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership at the location of breakdown.
  • A trained technician equipped with all the tools and equipment, will attend the vehicle.
Select your Mobilo Plus package.
Stay on the move.
4th & 5th
4th & 6th11999
4th & 7th15999
* Subject to change
4th & 8th19999
5th & 6th7999
5th & 7th12999
5th & 8th17999
6th & 7th9999
6th & 8th14999
7th & 8th10999
*5th service is scheduled on the completion of the 5 years/75,000 kms, whichever earlier.

Advance Assurance Program

All the care and support your Mercedes-Benz deserves.
Now enjoy your Star without any worries, thanks to the Advance Assurance Program. Brought to you by Daimler Financial Services India and Reliance General Insurance India, the extended warranty is valid on completion of the standard 3 years warranty. You can choose to extend it for the 4th year or up to the 6th year. The Advance Assurance Program goes beyond your expectations to make owning your car truly exciting.
Here are some of the features that make it unique:
1) Security
No unexpected expenses, apart from the maintenance repairs, during the insured period  
2) Assurance
Enhances the resale value of your car by being a transferable program  
3) Flexibility
Can be purchased anytime within 36 months from date of sale
4) Freedom
Unlimited mileage is covered 
 5) Hassle-free
Honoured at all authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers across India  
6) Exclusivity
Priority handling and Express Claim processing